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C.S. Lewis on 'The Place of the Lion'.

    "On 26 February 1936 Lewis wrote to Arthur Greeves: 'I have
  just read what I think is a really great book, "The Place of
  the Lion" by Charles Williams. It is based on the Platonic
  theory of the other world in which the archetypes of all
  earthly qualities exist: and in the novel these archetypes
  start sucking our world back. The lion of strength appears in
  the world and the strength starts going out of houses and
  thing into him. The archtypal butterfly (enormous) appears and
  all the butterflies of the world fly back into him. But every
  man contains and ought to be able to rule these forces: and
  there is one man in the book who does... The reading of it has
  been a good preparation for Lent as far as I am concerned: for
  is shows me (through the heroine) the special sin of the abuse
  of intellect to which all in my profession are liable, more
  clearly than I ever saw it before. I have learned more than I
  ever knew yet about humility. Do get it, and don't mind if you
  don't understand everything the first time. It deserves
  reading over and over again. It isn't often nowadays you get a
  Christian fantasy."
Source: Carpenter 1978:99.
Tags: books, c.s. lewis, charles williams, fantasy novels, inklings, literature
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