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Query on Roy Campbell Poem

Friends this is way peripheral but I know
Steve Hayes is South African and...uh..
Roy Campbell was a friend of Tolkien dont know
how he hit it off with CSW, Lewis didnt like him
much. well but query

Has anyone a copy that they could scan for me
of the poem about the martyrdom of the Toledo
Carmelites who had taken refuge in the Campbells
house in March 1936 (while bringing him st John of
the Cross to translate)
they were taken out by the Reds and left dead
in the street under a tarpaulin with the words
inscribed "This is a deed of the Cheka"(red secret
Campbell tried to follow them to death but says
a rifle butt struck him down and the others
entered glory and he "rebuffed for a harlequin."
(as I recall)
the poem compares the martyrs to toreros(Campbell
also translated Lorca tangentially ...)

It is among other places no doubt included in
the introduction to the penguin edition of the
Poems of St John of the Cross. which I left behind
in some move keeping only another translation but
then losing this poem
Thank you so much!
my email is ssigrist@yahoo.com
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